Due Diligence & Corporate Investigations

Research on individuals residing in Mauritius and on companies located in Mauritius to find out assets held and advice on available actions.

Residence & Immigration in Mauritius

  • Assistance for applications of residence permits.
  • Assistance for applications of permanent residence.
  • Assistance for applications of occupation permit.
  • Assistance for applications of a visa to a non-citizen who requires a visa to enter Mauritius.
  • Assistance for passport applications.
  • Advice on residence and immigration in Mauritius.

Recovery of debt

Assistance to traders in recovering debts including set up of a debt recovery procedure, negotiation with debtors, court actions.

Labour and Employment

  • Assistance with all labour and employment issues to employers and employees including disciplinary proceedings.
  • Assistance to employers, including disciplinary proceedings, drafting of employment contracts and courts actions.
  • Assistance to employees, including employees’ rights, representation at disciplinary proceedings and court actions.
  • Assistance to trade unions.